The Library publishes a Newsletter every six weeks or so summarizing events that have taken place since the last Newsletter and listing all the new stock acquired in that period. The Newsletters are a great way to keep track of what is available at the Library.

Latest Newsletter 11th May, 2017

The three main events since the publication of the last Newsletter has been the Skywriters Project launch in the library on 20th March, the completion of the Magic Desktop children’s computer project and the advertising of the librarian’s position. Yes, the rumours are true – your librarian is going “out to pasture” at the end of July and this will be the penultimate Newsletter from my hand. With respect to that, a major project for the next couple of months is ensuring that every member has a working membership card. I have gotten everyone into bad habits over the last seventeen years by not requiring a card at the front desk but obviously the new person is not going to know everyone and so the need for a card will return. Please look for your card over the next month and if you can’t find it let me know so that your current card can be cancelled and a new card issued. Click here to read more.

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